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Autonomous? The tapioca interface that's got it all embedded.

Following up on the original iPad brew, the all new Autonomous edition is the next gen of our tapioca interfaces: all of the processing power and display capacity is now embedded within the device, independent from any iPad and their unpredictable size updates.

The composers – Emmanuelle Lizère and Ariadna Alsina – have had fun selecting materials, recording them and composing with them. Feathers, bark, sponges, raphia, chains… we've tested several materials. The qualities of each material gives a unique twist to playing with Dirty Tangible Interfaces, and challenges the musicians in learning new ways of expressing themselves.


The making of the autonomous and the multiplayer versions took us on a long road with great partners at Ircam, and awesome help from Julien Legras (product design) and Camille Barbier (wood work):

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