The Performance / Multiplayer Edition

Incredibly nuanced & fun

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Performance? Multiplayer? The biggest tapioca interface we ever built.

This edition of our tapioca interfaces was in the pipe for a while at the studio. Here is how we wanted it: supersized, fully integrated, multiplayer, fun and magical! It is also very precise and highly nuanced, as it is extremely large compared to the Cardboard edition for example, hence its potential use in a performance.

It is 1.2 meters wide in diameter, it can easily contain 15 kilograms of tapioca and is capable of withstanding the weight of several, hyper active ten-year-olds if necessary!

Also, colored lighting can be used to set a specially designed ambiance. At the Centre Pompidou we used a green, soft spot light that worked like a charm.

The Performance/Multiplayer edition and the Autonomous edition at the Pompidou Center, June 2017

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