Tapioca Toys are a family of real world interfaces designed to play music, create art pieces, mold landscapes. And anything else you want to develop with them.

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Cardboard Edition. The iPhone based, open-sourced, low cost version of our interfaces.

The Cardboard Edition is the latest-born of our tangible interfaces. It is low-tech, low-cost, its software is open source, it uses the computing power of the iPhone.

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Multiplayer Edition. Fun and ideal for stage performances.

Supersized, fully integrated, multiplayer, fun and magical! It is also very precise and highly nuanced, hence its performance friendliness as well.

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Autonomous Edition. Compact, works all on its own out of the box.

Following up on the original iPad brew, the all new Autonomous edition is the next gen of our tangible interfaces: all of the processing power and display capacity is now embedded within the device.

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DIRTI for iPad. The original brew. They're legacy, smart & cute.

Dirti for iPad is the original version of the Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI) AKA the all new Tapioca Toys: a concept we wrote a few articles about for the NIME 2012 and CHI 2013 conferences with our awesome partners at Ircam's ISMM Team.

DIRTI for iPad The DIRTI concept

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