Tapioca Toys Cardboard

Real-world interfaces built to play music, mold landscapes, draw… for kids & grown-ups.

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Cardboard? The first tapioca interface ever made… out of cardboard.

The Cardboard Edition is the latest-born of our tapioca interfaces. We're introducing this compact, low-cost and low-tech version that's easy for us to mail and easy for you to build. All it does require is an iPhone, and not necessarily the latest kind: versions 5 to X are compatible. To learn more about the why and the how, visit our lab article.

Tangible User Interfaces? They include the mouse, the keyboard… and now the Tapioca Toys.

A tangible interface gives you the opportunity to control machines with your hands, body… It translates your position and movements into a "computer language" that the software you're using understands. The Wiimote, the joystick, the gamepad are all tangible UI's. To learn more about the why and the how, visit our lab article.

Play music, design 3D landscapes, draw ribbons are the first demo apps… possibilities are endless.

Tapioca Toys are interfaces. They allow humans to interact with computers, phones, tablets… hence the capacity of the device to control an infinite number of apps, provided they are programmed to use Tapioca Toys as a means of interaction. Right now we've got three demo apps that are up and running on the App Store, as well as two apps equipped with the OSC protocol and dedicated to developers.

Are you a developer? A creative coder? We've got something special for you.

Are you a creative coder? A computer-savvy musician? Using Processing? PureData? VVVV? OpenFrameworks or even Cinder? Here is what you need in order to use the Blob and State data originated in your Cardboard, gathered by your iPhone and sent over the Wifi.

Open Source — OSC based examples

1/2 — OSC Blobs & OSC State iPhone apps

  • Our OSC Blobs and OSC State apps send data over the Wifi and at UDP protocol speed (that means fast!). Libraries exist in almost all creative coding frameworks… such as Processing, which we made samples for. Get them from the App Store.

 OSC Blobs for the iPhone   OSC State for the iPhone 

2/2 — Processing samples

  • The OSC (OpenSoundControl) protocol is super easy to use. Our messages have unique address patterns /tapiocatoys/blob and /tapiocatoys/state and use the 14041 port number. Get our Java-Processing sample from Github to use OSC Blobs app data.

 Get the code on Github 

Get your own. Via first-class, international mail.

To get the kit, either order hereunder or browse to our secure Gumroad online shop. It will be sent to you via snail mail in a protective envelope.

Oh, was it just in the mail? Here are the build instructions.

It's super simple. Follow the instructions below and start playing in no time:

Ready to start playing? Grab your phone. Get the apps. And share!

Play music, design 3D landscapes, draw ribbons… possibilities are endless. We've developed a few apps, more are coming and a lib is on the way too if you're willing to build something on your own. Stay tuned and don't hesitate to share on:

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